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Lou Lou & Company

Lou Lou & Company is one of Lexi's favorite companies, and we're going to tell you why. This material is oh so soft. The owner, Karen, worked as a NICU nurse and wanted to create something babies felt comfortable in, that kept it's buttery soft texture wear after wear. Lexi's daughter Luelle (pictured) can vouch that this product is a must have. We are so excited to be the only storefront in Maine carrying it!



"Ten years ago, when our founder, Lili, gave birth to her 5-pound baby-girl, Iliana, she realized that beautiful, functional and thoughtful products that were good for our planet were missing in the market and desperately needed. Named after and inspired by the small and scarlet-colored, Goumi berry and its unique ability to impact the ecosystem around it, this first collection was designed to be beautiful, functional, and sustainable and serve the smallest babies with intentionality. We’ve come a long way since that first collection and we’re proud to have helped over a million moms feel strength when they return home from the hospital for the first time. We all can feel small and mighty, with the right support." - Goumi


Current Tyed

"We are a Small Business based out of Vancouver, Canada focusing on socially + environmentally responsible products. Founded in 2018, our business began with our popular Sunsuits after identifying a need for modern UPF 50+ rashguard options for families, specifically eczema families who wanted to limit application of sunscreen. Our suits are all custom designed with comfort in mind, using ultra soft fabrics, flat seams + full length zipper guards ensuring all day comfort for everyone." - Owner, Kate

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